Queen Supermarket Services

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

We carry Fresh Fruits and Vegetables around the World !! like Okra, Tindora, Chilly, Curry Leaves, Long Beans, Green Mangoes, Coriander ETC.

OLG Lotto, Western Union and Convenience Store

This store also part of Convenience store Too !!

Fresh and Frozen Sweets including Ready to Eat also Paratha's

We have a wide variety of fresh, and package South Asian Sweets We carry frozen ready too eat food ,Burgers, Rasmalai ,Shrikhand , Coconut, Ice, Paratha's including Frozen raw Vegetables ETC.

Specialty Spices

We have a large selection of Spices from Around the World, Specifically for use in Healthy cooking, like Cumin, Turmeric, Coriander, Garam Masala's, Mustered Seeds, Fennel, Anise star, Javantry Cardamom, Cloves, Amchur powder, Ajwain Tea masala's ,Chilli's ETC

Indian Snacks

We carry Lentils, Rice ,Chapati Flour, Ching's Noodles, sauce, Fresh Samosas, Pakoras, Paste and a wide variety of other popular snacks

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